Psychotherapy at ICCC is both trauma-informed and relational.

Your initial access call isn’t just to connect you to treatment, it’s a conversation where we work to understand who you are and to pair you with the best fitting clinician for your needs and goals. We never randomly assign you to someone because we want to be sure we’ve done all we can to put you in front of someone who can connect with you and support you as you heal and grow. We also work to ensure that you and your clinician get to spend more time with one another.

And when you arrive at our offices for the first time you won’t simply be going through the motions of an orientation session, you’ll be beginning a relationship with our staff, your clinician, and the environment in which you’ll be spending your time. We’ll connect with you about your goals and the way the integrated mental health approaches we use can help you feel your best.

We believe in forging authentic relationships where you connect with members of our team and we help you along your journey.

Our trauma-informed approach understands that everyone carries some trauma, and through the psychotherapeutic relationship we help you care for what you’re carrying.

And because mental health is never one-size-fits-all, our psychotherapeutic approaches are delivered as part of a personalized, comprehensive, and multimodal treatment plan where our unique outpatient plus approach ensures you get to spend time not just talking with a therapist but experiencing a variety of treatment modalities customized to your unique recovery journey.

Psychotherapy Services by Life Stage

Psychotherapy Groups

Adult LGBTQ+ DBT Skills Group at Integrated Care Concepts

Adult LGBTQ+ Process Group

Tinton Falls Office
Creative Connections art therapy group
DBT and More
DBT for Parents
Integrated Women's DBT Group
DBT for Parents
Men's DBT Group

Men's Enhanced DBT

Eatontown Office
Parents Process Group

Parents Process Group

Eatontown Office
Pawsitive Healing Group
Self Esteem For Teen Girls group
Young Women's DBT Group

Young Women's DBT

Eatontown Office

Psychotherapy Classes & Events

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