Psychotherapy for Children

When your child needs psychotherapy it can be overwhelming to navigate a sea of treatment options, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our team at Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation is committed to helping parents, guardians, and children navigate the treatment process with comfort and confidence.

This means providing a welcoming environment, making intake and assessment easy to navigate, and offering an unparalleled level of care that gives families access to as many evidence-based therapeutic modalities as possible so that their child can experience a life of wellbeing and can gather the skills and tools they need to navigate challenges, regulate emotion, integrate body and mind, and find peace in daily life.

Whether a child would benefit from play therapy and sand tray therapy or a family needs some education or enhanced family therapy to better support their child, we are here to create a treatment plan that respects the key players in the child’s life while making their health, safety, recovery, and wellbeing the top priorities.

Psychotherapy Groups for Children

DBT for Parents
Pawsitive Healing Group

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