Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) and Partial Care

At Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation, IOP and Partial Care are part of a continuum of care that’s unique to ICCC.

Most places provide outpatient (1 hour each week) or intensive outpatient and partial services (9 hours each week).

But at ICCC our comprehensive approach to care means that your IOP or Partial Care plan could include 1–20 hours of care across our various treatment modalities. And if the level of care you require diminishes or increases, you can step up or down accordingly.

Continuity of care also means that IOP and Partial are equal parts of our treatment services continuum. So you and your ICCC clinician can customize your treatment plan with the right set of services and treatment modalities, all under one roof.

Our IOP and Partial processes are based on an outpatient plus model. So, if for some reason we can not immediately place you in one of those programs, you’ll still receive an elevated level of care in one or more of our other treatment modalities.

And while the current global health crisis has impacted our facility’s capacity, we currently deliver IOP and Partial care both online and in-person.

Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) and Partial Care Services by Life Stage

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