Psychiatry for Children

When a child needs psychiatric care, there can be a great deal of concern that arises for parents and guardians. One of the most common concerns has to do with whether a psychiatrist is pushing pills on a child rather than offering a real chance at healing. It can often be hard to tell.

Therefore, at Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation, we take the time to connect with caregivers and their children to discern how we can best support the child’s lifelong wellness journey. We don’t treat medication as a panacea but rather as a bridge that provides space and time for healing.

We also recognize that young brains have a great deal of natural neuroplasticity and that what we do now will have a ripple effect of impact beyond each session. Because of this, we ensure each step we take is taken in concert with you, your child, and any other supporting players at home or school. This means that the whole child is respected in the treatment process and the family can make informed decisions about their child’s wellbeing. Our welcoming environment, caring team of psychiatrists and support staff, and our holistic approach make Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation a healing, person-centered place for psychiatric care.

Our psychiatry services make medicine mindful. Give us a call today to learn more.

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