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Quiet Teachers are Everywhere: Finding the Breath

Today is a day that welcomes new beginnings. Today is any day when this message reaches you and invites you to be present to noticing who you are and the offering you can be in this world. This is a mindfulness meditation practice that invites you to start with the breath. The mudra (or hand gesture) that is offered within the meditation and pictured above is called Pushpaputa mudra, and is a simultaneous gesture of offering and receiving.

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Chinmaya Mudra for Safety and Grounding

Mudra is a Sanskrit word that can mean seal or gesture. Mudras are used as gestures made with the hands, face or body to promote health and balance and to evoke a specific psychological attitude or sense of spirituality. Chinmaya Mudra is a hand gesture that can be used to bring a sense of safety and grounding to the body and mind. It may support reducing the blood pressure, feelings of stress and anxiety, and can help eliminate unwanted thoughts in the mind or toxicity in the body.

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