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Meditation Using Sound & Sensing to Deepen Awareness & Stillness

This yoga nidra invites in sound as an external resource to deepen awareness into the physical and mental body. Sound is invited to help the listener explore and cultivate an understanding of intention (meaning/purpose) through curiosity. Also, in the practice of asking the listener to notice sound, we are creating the opportunity for the listener to temporarily redirect their awareness to this external element and in doing so there is the opportunity to work with sensitization. 

The entire practice is based on inviting in awareness and breath, so there is activation of prana vayu. A body scan was incorporated to create a symbiotic connection to the entire body as a resource in creating body awareness. The movement throughout the breathwork was top to bottom as an approach in encouraging apana vayu movement, which was then balanced with udana vayu as the listener was invited to move their awareness back up the body. 

As we move to more intentionally noticing the breath moving into and out of the body, we are working with inviting in a sense of balance from the center of the body, so there is a tuning in to samana vayu. As we move through the guided process we invite the listener to follow along, and there is the opportunity for them to create a connect to themselves as well as the process of curiosity and exploration. 

We reconnect to intention at the end as a process of bring attention back to the process of self-discovery, noticing what the body needs, how the practice might have offered the chance to shift perceptions (sensitization), and ultimately allowing them to connect back to a sense of care of self and well-being (eudaimonia). As we end, the practice suggests elements to bring in grounding and reconnection

Meditation Using Sound & Sensing to Deepen Awareness & Stillness

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