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Rose Essential Oil for Spiritual Support, Calming and Enhancing your Mood

Rose Essential Oil For Spiritual Support, Mood Enhancer, Calming & Overall Wellbeing

Authentic rose essential oil is not only very expensive, but in the authentic non-chemicalized form, is rare. But there is no other flower that is more representative of love, than the beloved Rose. I recently enjoyed a talk by David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia Essential Oils, which we sell in the boutique.  Here are some points from the presentation.

  • Roses support a spiritual practice of awakening and attunement, they are mood enhancing, calmative, euphoric, they work to help heal the mind of suffering and reestablish wellbeing
  • True Rose essential oil can only be harvested by hand without the use of chemicals and only during a particular time of day
  • 1 ounce of Rose essential oil has about 40,000 rose petals in it
  • Alternatives to true rose essential oil can be found in rose water, hydrosols, rose hip seeds and ayurvedic, organic rose petal jam

Within our boutique we offer Floracopeia’s Rose Petal Infused Perfume. It is pure Rose Petal absolute and 100% pure, organic Jojoba oil in a 1 dram size.

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