Maryjo Iarussi, RD, RYT

732-389-0697 Extension: 860

Location: Eatontown (Main Office)

Mary Jo Iarussi has been a practicing Registered Dietitian since 1987. She completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University in 1985. Since then, she has provided her services at health clubs, long-term care facilities, teaching hospitals, weight loss centers, yoga studios and in the public schools. In private practice, Mary Jo has counseled hundreds of clients in the area of weight loss, sports nutrition and eating disorders. She has also earned her teaching certificate in Family and Consumer Science and Personal Finance in 2007 and currently teaches, and coaches high school students.  Mary Jo is a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Mary Jo is a mother of four children and enjoys spending time with her family whenever is possible. Her passions include yoga, hiking and scuba diving with her family, and continued learning in areas of relationships, mindfulness, and meditation.

Mary Jo has an extensive background in yoga, culinary arts, nutritional counseling and cognitive sciences. She includes visualization, meditation, mindfulness, and personal belief systems in her health and wellness programs. Combining these concepts with nutrition, produces a unique and integrated approach to self-trust, self-compassion, and improving one’s personal relationship with food and one’s body. She works with all populations interested in learning to be at peace within their own body.

Services provided by Maryjo

  • Nutritional counseling to improve one’s relationship with food and body
  • Mindfulness coaching and training
  • Yoga
  • Culinary Arts