Lisa Marie O’Connell

Administrative Assistant


Location: Eatontown (Main Office)

Lisa has worked for nonprofit organizations for over 13 years. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA. She is a trained fine artist and creates commissioned pieces. Lisa has always found a way to incorporate her art into her work and was able to finally merge her passion for nonprofit with her art when she collaborated with the David Zocchi Brain Tumor Center and Art is Good teaching art to children whose parents or family members were diagnosed with brain tumors.

She was so moved by the experience of a mindful, caring community it only made sense that her path lead her to Integrated Care Concepts.

It seems like a natural, meant to be moment, that a compassionate artist like Lisa joins the ICCC team ‘Where the Art of Being Well Meets the Science of Wellbeing’. Here she has the ability to learn of yet another art form and support ICCC in their wonderful mission.