Laura Donovan, LSW, RYT

Therapist, Yoga Teacher


Location: Montclair

Laura is a Licensed Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher, providing mental health and mind-body services to individuals of all ages, including psychotherapy, yoga, meditation & mindfulness training. Understanding and honoring the individuality of her clients, she draws on these practices to customize an integrated approach – one that best suits the client’s needs and unique circumstances on their journey to improved wellness.

With a bachelor’s degree in business management from Providence College, Laura started her career in public relations. She advanced to positions that furthered her business skillset, yet challenged her to better understand herself and her purpose.

A long-time believer in the importance of self-reflection and tending to her own mental/emotional health needs, she was naturally drawn to follow this path professionally. After heading back to school, Laura graduated Fordham University with a master’s degree in social work, and shortly after completing her two year internship at Integrated Care, trained to become a Registered Yoga Teacher – recognizing not only the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits she felt from the practice in her own life, but the ways in which ancient eastern yogic philosophies closely intertwine, and compliment, the modern day western approach to mental health. As a former athlete, Laura had specific interest in how these practices could translate to the world of sports and furthered her learning with specialized trainings in Mindfulness for Student Athletes, as well as MSPE® (Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement).

Above all else, Laura recognizes the key to successful therapeutic work, whatever the modality, lies within the relationship one has with their therapist. With this in mind, and as with all the roles she’s held, both personally and professionally, she draws on compassion, curiosity, and humor (yes, humor!) to create a bond that helps the client feel supported and comfortable to explore themselves authentically throughout their time together.