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Quiet Teachers are Everywhere: Finding the Breath

Today is a day that welcomes new beginnings. Today is any day when this message reaches you and invites you to be present to noticing who you are and the offering you can be in this world. This is a mindfulness meditation practice that invites you to start with the breath. The mudra (or hand gesture) that is offered within the meditation, and pictured above, is called Pushpaputa mudra, and is a simultaneous gesture of offering and receiving.

Metta-Inspired Meditation for Voting

Meditation to inspire freedom, democracy, and action, during this time when our country is divided and where some people are marginalized.

“Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.” Susan B. Anthony

Chair Yoga Video for Stress and Anxiety

Yoga for Grounding and Calming

Meditation Using Sound & Sensing to Deepen Awareness & Stillness

Yoga nidra meditation that invites in sound as an external resource to deepen awareness into the physical and mental body

Guided meditation on managing the stress experience in the body and establishing a sense of immediate safety

iRest yoga nidra for bringing ease into the body

48 minute guided iRest yoga nidra meditation practice with crystal singing bowls

iRest yoga nidra meditation

Guided iRest meditation practice with body scan and elements of crystal singing bowls



Five-minute meditation to help calm the body and release panic. This meditation uses a hand gesture (mudra) called Apana Mudra, which is accessible in the link below.

Apana Mudra posting and PDF


iRest yoga nidra for finding an inner resource and feeling calm

Guided iRest meditation practice for finding an inner resource and feeling calm, with crystal singing bowls

iRest yoga nidra meditation for restful sleep

Lovingkindness Meditation

For softening the heart and welcoming a sense of kindness and love towards self and other

10 Minute Autogenic Meditation to Encourage Transformation

Autogenic Meditation is considered a form of self-hypnosis.

This meditation is focused on the Element of Fire to help induce the relaxation response and cultivate inner radiance and transformation.

Compassionate Breath for Self, Compassionate Breath for Other

9 minute breath of compassion as a tool to invite your true self to be more present and aware. It draws upon the Tibetan practice of tonglen, which means giving and taking.

From Stressed to Refreshed - 61 Point Meditation for Relaxation

61 point meditation for relaxation that draws on the science of the veda’s and the marma points of the body. See what it may feel like to just notice each point as you move through the meditation, and then try tapping along each of the points using your pointer and index finger of either your left or right hand on each of the point.

Posting and PDF accessible in this link.

iRest yoga nidra meditation for Couples/Partners

Guided iRest yoga nidra meditation practice for couples/partners with crystal singing bowls


“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds.” Rumi