Integrated Clinical Collaborative Supervision

Three Clinician Membership Options Are Available:

Providing compassion to our clients requires our capacity for self-compassion. Being in a position to offer effective clinical caring requires our commitment to effective self- care. Our profession has researched and evidenced that positive treatment outcomes in the clinical hour start with an interactional relationship in the supervisory hour. Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation’s mission statement is founded on these principles and is now offering them to clinicians sitting in other agencies or in their own private practice.
“It requires a community to transform the suffering in the person and in the world”, Thich Nhat Hahn. It is our intention to create a community of clinicians to collaborate and integrate together, a humanistic and holistic approach to clinical supervision. Integrated Clinical Collaborative Supervision is clinician centered, trauma-sensitive and integrated mental health formulated. The program has 3 membership levels to choose from to ensure that it fits the individual needs of the clinician, whether newly licensed or seasoned elder in the profession.

“Healing happens in relationship” -Judith Herman, PhD.