Dr. Delfin G. Ibanez, MD

MD, General Psychiatrist/Consultant

732-389-0697 Extension: 807

Location: Eatontown (Main Office)

Delfin G. Ibanez, MD is a General Psychiatrist currently leading the psychiatric services at ICCC. He participates in the Collaborative Psychiatric Services in Ocean County and is contracted with DYFS through ICCC. His expertise is in general psychiatric practice with adolescents, adults, and in forensic matters.

Clients will now be offered comprehensive integrative mental health care – with services from traditional psychotherapy and psychiatry to holistic mind—body approaches. Dr. Ibanez will be offering more hours to address the urgent need for quality care and has increased his access by accepting all major health insurances at our Eatontown office.

Services provided by Dr. Delfin

  • Meeting with a Psychiatrist who will listen
  • Access to integrative psychotherapy services