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Customized Corporate and Professional Mindfulness & Wellness Programs

Welcome to Mindfulness, Incorporated.

Integrated at Work introduces businesses and organizations with innovative service offerings centered around holistic & traditional education, training and experiential activities and techniques.

Committed to Your Employees. Connected to Your Objectives.

We bring our mindfulness–based programs to the venue of your choice, sculpt the material to align strategically with your needs, and deliver the program to instill synergy and motivate productivity among participants.

We specialize in practical, personal, and professional applications of behavioral science. When you integrate our clinical expertise into your corporate strategy, the benefits are clear.

Our goal is to help you make “personnel” more personal.

Develop a More Productive Workforce

  • Improve innovation & creativity
  • Strengthen team dynamics
  • Empower confidence & emotional resiliency
  • Sharpen attention to detail

Build a
Stronger Team

  • Improve listening & communication skills
  • Strengthen employee alignment with corporate goals
  • Inspire excitement and adaptability to change
  • Cultivate cohesiveness & collaboration

Promote Fact–Based Wellness Initiatives

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Decrease burnout & absenteeism
  • Encourage balance and wellness practices
  • Increase job satisfaction

Bring our Insight On–Site!

Our Corporate Mindfulness & Wellness Programs Are…


We come to you – so your workday is enhanced, not disrupted.


We tailor our presentations to your priorities, aligning individual effort with organizational goals.


Every session is data–driven and led by career behavioral health professionals.


We strive to accommodate different learning styles and abilities to promote whole–person wellness.

Put Wellness to work for you!

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Mindfulness for the HR Professional

Following is a video highlight from a recent presentation.

Program Portfolio

We offer group training seminars, half and full day sessions, multi–week courses, and custom programs.

Current Sessions

The Mindfulness Toolkit at Work

Productivity & Workplace Essentials

Getting Unstuck, Sparking Innovation!

Releasing Blocks & Balancing the Nervous System

Sleep – The Magic Bullet

Learn about the healing power and restorative benefits of sleep

Relationship Effectiveness

Breakthroughs with People

Self–Care 2.0

Lifestyle Management: Balancing Work & Life

Advanced Occupational Mindfulness Training

Comprehensive Training for Whole–Person Wellness (Intensive 4 to 8 Week Course)

Customized Programs

Mind/Body Curriculum Designed Exclusively for Your Business

Call now for an Integrated at Work exploratory session.

732.858.5432 Ext. 801