Month: September 2018

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique for Feeling Worried & Scared

One of the Integrated Modalities we offer at Integrated Care Concepts is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. It utilizes the principles of energy therapy, acupressure and neuroplasticity to help modify and regulate emotions, thoughts and feelings. The tapping sends a calming message to the body, retrains the limbic system and reprograms the brain to interrupt the fight or flight response so the body can come into a deeper balance.
Following is video presentation on using EFT in working with feeling worried and scared.

The meridian points and script that I use in the video can be downloaded to accompany the video. They are below the video.  (Please note that I flipped the eyebrow point with the side of the eye. You can follow along with the visual order in the video, or with the named point.)












EFT Meridian Points as printable PDF

EFT Script for Feeling Worried and Scared – as a printable PDF


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Child Friendly: Teach your body to rest, Teach your mind to rest

Yoga Sequence with Meditation

Here is a child-friendly yoga sequence for kids and adults alike to allow for what is present and to activate rest and empowerment.

The meditation is in the form of guided meditation with progressive muscle relaxation. It can be used at the end of the yoga sequence while the body is supine and resting, or it can be used while lying in bed to ease into sleep.






Yoga Sequence as PDF Download: Teach-Your-Body-To-Rest,-Teach-Your-Mind-To-Rest-by-Integrated-Care




Meditation Embedded:

Meditation as a Download: Meditation Teach Your Body To Rest



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