Month: June 2017

10 Qualities of A Mindful Parent

A Blog Post by Judy Thompson, Director Mind-Body Services:

Seeing my husband celebrating Father’s Day with our children, I felt compelled to share some of the joy and qualities of mindful parenting he offers and brings to our family every day. With five children, being mindful 24×7 is not an easy or perfect task, but it is important to know that in each moment, you are given an opportunity to start over and within that opportunity lies the very gift of mindfulness–being present to the awareness of life and joy, all around you, as well as within you.

Attached is an infographic (as PDF) reflecting 10 qualities of a Mindful Parent.

1-Loves on Purpose
2-Senses Into Emotional States by Checking In With the Body
3-Curiosity Inspires Awareness
4-Embraces Life Like a Dew Drop on Grass
5-Oneness of Mind & Body
6-Nurtures the Now
7-The Law of Impermanence – Everything Changes
8-Instills Compassion
9-Practices Self-Care: Breathes & Meditates
10-Practices & Expresses Gratitude

Joy To Your Inspiration & Gratitude & Love to my Husband for Embracing Life and Inspiring our Children Every Day.


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From Stressed to Refreshed – 61 Point Meditation for Relaxation

A Blog Post by Judy Thompson, Director Mind-Body Services:

As I feel into and notice the sensation of stress in my body, it is like a panorama of sensations exploding and expanding from within. In any given day, we experience stress in multiple formats coming at us from multiple people through varied situations: lack of a good night of sleep, muscle pains from lumpy mattress or kids kicking us out of our bed, guilt over not making time to meditate or exercise, not enough hot water for a shower, cherrios box empty, grouchy spouse, kids not getting ready for school fast enough, work projects unfinished…whew! and it’s only 8 am! Now that’s a dramatic replay of distressing types of stress, and certainly not every morning is like this, but let’s consider eustress, the good type of stress. Eustress can still affect the body, but it tends to be as a result of positive events: marriage, having a baby, hosting a party, interviewing for a job, asking for a raise, competing in a sporting event, networking or social engagements….eustress allows us to have focused energy in a short amount of time, it motivates us and it usually is tied to a favorable end result allowing for change and growth.

Symptomatically, both types of stress can feel like…tightness in the chest, butterflies in the belly, heart racing, the body releasing cortisol and adrenaline, the body ready to react and to move into action…The Stress Response or, Fight and Flight, is being activated, and the sensations you feel are real and varied!

It is all of these processes combined, along with a minimum of over 20 additional reactions and changes, both internally and externally, that result in the “stress” we feel in our body. When we say we are stressed, it is not just removing “stress” in the body, but rather a combined effort of alleviating the panorama of symptoms of all of these bodily processes.

Try out this 61 point meditation for relaxation that draws on the science of the veda’s and the marma points of the body. Attached is an audio recording and a worksheet download for you to follow. As you try out the meditation and notice the points on the body, see what it may feel like to just notice each point as you move through the meditation, and then comparatively, try tapping along each of the points using your pointer and index finger of either your left or right hand on each of the points.


PDF: 61-point-meditation

Audio: 61 point meditation


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