Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga Asana and Pranayama are recognized as holistically nourishing therapies that can complement and assist you on your journey toward whole body healing. Practicing yoga is an act of loving-kindness to your body, to your mind and to your soul, and as such, the very translation of yoga is visible at the root of the word (yuj-to unite) all parts of the body, mind, soul. Yoga Asana can be practiced by adults, children, teenagers, senior citizens; it can be practiced in a group setting, with a partner, as a family unit, or on an individualized private basis. There are multiple scientific (and unscientific) studies that document the transformative nature of yoga on the body, and thus on the mind. Transformation from issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, posture, blood pressure, arthritis, pain management, addiction, headaches, weight management and stress management have been documented and expressed. Undocumented case studies are those that can be felt and realized on a personal basis or with a friend or family member that has expressed gratitude and praise for how yoga or pranayama has helped them on their own healing path. Yoga asana is simply posturing your body into various poses or positions and holding the form for a few moments or minutes, while observing the expression of your body and allowing yourself to breathe. As with any new form of exercise, one should also get clearance from a doctor before beginning a new practice.

Pranayama means breathwork exercise. It can be part of a yoga asana practice, a meditation practice, or it can be stand alone. When you practice pranayama you are experiencing the totality of being in the moment, with a deep inhale, fill the entire cavity of your body all the way to your belly with fresh air, hold the breath, recognize the compassionate gift you are giving to your body at the very moment, then release, exhaling with completion the entire breath that had filled your body to your belly, now leaving, deflating your belly. Similar to yoga asana, there are multiple exercises and positions for practicing pranayama.

By inviting your body into a yoga asana and pranayama practice you are loving yourself with a long overdue, super appreciative, embracing hug. These therapies are like a quenching drink of water for your soul and spirit. Your body deserves it, your mind deserves it and your soul deserves it.

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