Reiki is a modality of energy healing that dates back to Tibetan Buddhism, and was later revived in the late 1800’s in Japan. Reiki means (rei-spirit guided) and (kei-all life force) healing energy. One receives reiki energy from an individual who has been attuned as a conduit (more or less) capable of delivering the healing energy to another individual, animal, product, home, memory, feeling… it is blissful and chameleonic, as it has the ability to go where it needs to go when it is channeled. Reiki energy can only be used for the greater good and typically expresses itself in the body in the places that are most in need of healing and restoration. A reiki healer places their hands (either directly or hovering) on portals over a clients body (while they are fully clothed) ranging from the head, neck, face, ears, shoulders, torso, back, belly, groin, knees, backs of knees, ankles and feet. Depending on the training level of the reiki practitioner, they may or may not call forth reiki symbols (either chanting or drawing them) while they are extending the healing energy. Reiki works with or without the drawing or chanting of the symbols. While receiving reiki energy, an individual may feel warm swirls of energy or coolness, or may even begin to experience imagery in their mind. The overall intent during a reiki session is to have the healing energy help to transform and rebalance an individual’s spiritual energy, emotional energy, physical energy and mental energy as a method of empowerment and supportive relaxation.

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