Mind & Body Studio Guidelines 

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  • Registration for classes, clinics, workshops and events is done online through our portal at mindbodyonline.com   You must first create a username and password to complete activation of your profile, and then you can complete registration for specific classes, clinics, workshops and events.
  • Making a reservation online confirms your space for the class, clinic, workshop or event, and you will receive confirmation for your space to the email address you provided in your mindbodyonline profile.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Please mute the sound and volume on your cell phone.
  • Please remove your footwear before entering our studio space.
  • The studio provides cubbies for storage of your belongings and footwear during class, but we kindly indicate that we are not responsible for any theft, loss or damage of any personal belongings.
  • Please do not wear perfume, cologne or heavy lotions to class, out of respect to our own usage of aromatherapy oils during sessions, and for others with scent sensitivity.
  • We offer yoga mats and props, but you are certainly welcome to bring in your own items for use. Feel free to bring in a water bottle, towel or eye pillow.
  • Always practice at your own level of comfort; being challenged is not just moving your body through poses, but also by maintaining concentration and perspective, trying something new, and offering consideration to a outcome that may be unexpected.
  • Cancellations: In the event that a session needs to be cancelled, we will do our best to make this notification at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time.

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