Meditation is a modality that is available to everyone, at any moment of the day. All it takes is awareness of both one’s own presence and one’s own flow of thoughts. Meditation can be done singularly in the morning as in chanting while sitting on a pillow; meditation can be done in a group setting as at the conclusion of (or throughout) yoga or exercise practice; meditation can be done while activating and moving the body. Meditation is not limited to sitting silently and contemplating one’s own thoughts, a mixture of various philosophies and trades offer meditative practices ranging from Tai Chi, Qigong, Sufi Dancing, Sketching, Labyrinth Walking, Gardening, Haiku & Poetry, Lovingkindness, Zen in Action, Prayer Beads, and Needlepoint and Stitchery. Meditation can be done for 5 minutes, 50 minutes or anytime in between or beyond, based on the needs of one’s own body. The timing and schedule can also change daily. Scientific studies support the belief that meditation is a significant modality in working with individuals on stress reduction, anxiety, insomnia, substance abuse, and improving self-image.

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