Journaling and free flow writing is a meditative process that allows an individual the opportunity to express thoughts, fears, hopes, joys and desires, without the fear of judgment or criticism. Journaling and free flow writing is yours and yours alone. You can use the function of paper and pencil, or you can use electronic modalities as in typing up your thoughts on a computer or in an electronic based app. You may even want to pair journaling with a silent type meditation and create a morning or evening ritual for yourself as a way to start your day fresh, or end your day renewed. As you incorporate journaling into your daily routine, consider creating a daily gratitude and goal setting worksheet. As with journaling, this can help you set your day or close out your day as you embrace and recognize daily simplicities of gratitude:

Today I am grateful for my partner’s embrace, my children’s laughter, the sun on my skin, the breath in my lungs, the compliment I gave to the girl at the coffee shop, the steps I’ve made in accepting myself for who I am and thanking myself for being present and alive, and the awesome veggie frittata I packed for lunch.

Check out the resources below to learn more about journaling, making a daily gratitude, goal setting and long and short range free flow expression:

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