Integrated Practice for Depression-Meditation with Citrine Crystal

A Blog Post by Judy Thompson, Director Mind-Body Services (reprinted from our email newsletter):

Citrine is part of the mineral family of quartz crystals that varies in color from light butter yellow to golden amber.  It is a gemstone that helps bring clarity and settling to the mind, as well as increase one’s sense of value and self-confidence. Citrine is most often used for manifestation, that is, the action of authenticating dreams into reality.

Natural citrine, as pictured above, highlights unique cuts and demarcations on each gemstone, and these are part of the magic and gifts found in each stone: sunny positivity and optimism, fresh beginnings, release of negativity.  It is an empowering crystal for depression because it brings polarity to the pain and negativity as felt and experienced in depression. In using citrine for depression, it is the crystals ability to appeal to the “higher-mind” or true self, that brings about the strength to recognize and remember joys outside of the everyday throbbing pain being experienced.
To invite in lightness, levity and love (all of which counteract oppositely to the feelings and pain of depression) choose a citrine crystal and try the following meditation.  If you don’t have citrine, you can find natural cuts of the gemstone in our boutique.

Hold your citrine crystal in the palm of your dominant hand and then hold the length of your hand with the citrine, against your chest, at level with your solar plexus.  Cup the citrine by covering the opposite hand over the crystal. Let your eyes rest as you invite your spirit and mind inward.  Inhale for 1-2-3-4-5-6…. Exhale for 6-5-4-3-2-1.  Inhale for 1-2-3-4-5-6…. Exhale for 6-5-4-3-2-1…repeating… Ask your spirit to show your mind what you deeply desire within your life (you could frame this question to be specific to any part or area of your life) and allow this desire to be a clear visual manifestation for you. Dwell in this visualization to be clear on that which you wish to manifest. When your understanding feels solid, take the citrine from your cupped hands and breathe in the words and sound “SO” and breathe out the words and sound “HUM.” So Hum is an energetic breath practice and it means “I am that.”  Repeat meditation 4-8 times, allowing for, not only the visualization to solidify in your mind and body, but also the energetic desire to root into your body and settle into your mind.

Citrine Crystal Meditation For Depression