Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation is an approved healthcare provider for Genesight’s psychiatric pharmacogenomic testing.  To inquire if this testing is right for you, contact our office for an appointment with a psychiatric team member.

The GeneSight test analyzes a patient’s genes and gives healthcare providers information to help them select the medicine(s) that are more likely to work for an individual patient. GeneSight provides answers that can lead to a personalized treatment plan and faster response and remission for patients.

(source: Genesight)

Q: What is GeneSight?
A: GeneSight is a genetic-based laboratory developed test that analyzes a person’s DNA, and matches it with known pharmacology about how medications work, to help healthcare providers develop an individualized treatment plan for their patients. The GeneSight report uses color-coding to show which medicines may be more likely to work for a patient based on his/her genetic makeup.  The GeneSight report also contains helpful information about how an individual’s genetic makeup may affect dosage based on an analysis of certain genes.
Q: How do my genes affect which medication may work for me?
A: Your genes may affect the way medications work in your body—some medications could work better with your unique genetic profile and some medicines might not work at all for you. Your genes also can affect how quickly your body breaks down (metabolizes) medicine and gets medicine into your bloodstream.  For example, codeine can be an effective painkiller for some people. However, for about 10 percent of people, it has no effect whatsoever (Source: National Institutes of Health).  When a medication doesn’t work with your genes, you may not get the relief you need and you may have unwanted side effects. By gathering information about your genetic profile, you and your healthcare provider may be better informed in making your treatment selection. Medicines that align well with your genes may work better and with fewer side effects.
Q: How could GeneSight help me?
A: GeneSight gives your healthcare provider important information to help plan your treatment. GeneSight is designed to help him/her get you on the right medicine faster with fewer unwanted side effects.  GeneSight analyzes your genes and then matches the information about your genes to a list of medications that may be available treatment options for your condition. The report provides information to your healthcare provider about which medications may work better with your genes and how your body might process those medications. That gives your healthcare provider additional insight to help select the medications that may work best for you.
Q: What is the test like? Is it invasive?
A: The test is easy to administer and takes about five minutes.  Your DNA is collected using a simple cheek swab which you can do yourself.  Your clinician’s office will then send your sample to the Assurex Health clinical lab to be analyzed.
Q: How will my healthcare provider use the information from GeneSight to treat me?
A: The report is one piece of information that your healthcare provider can use to create an individualized treatment plan for you. He/she will use the report to help guide the selection of the medication for you. With GeneSight, your healthcare provider can identify which medications may be more effective and may be less likely to have unwanted side effects.

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