Practice Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving holiday is often full of anticipation, joy and celebration. For many people though, the anticipation is what is felt the fullest and the most, and often manifests into worry and anxiety. If we try to look at this anticipation, worry, and anxiety from a cognitive and clear perspective, we can understand it with a dose of clarity and compassion.
The premise of celebrating Thanksgiving is to come together with family and friends to honor the past year’s harvest, and to give blessings and thanks. It is a beautiful honoring and tradition, but it unfortunately also seems to resurrect memories, ideas and forms of ourselves from our past “roles,” those, which we take (or took) on within our family. These “roles” can be that of caretaker, underachiever, inadequate son/daughter/sister/brother, troublemaker, victim, enabler and so on. When we are back in an environment or situation where we are again surrounded by other family members (who seem to also slip into their “roles” it can be overwhelming and with unconscious awareness, we too, can slip into our old role.
Bring a practice of mindfulness into your expectations and anticipations for the day by practicing self-compassion, kindness and gentleness.
Below is an activity based in gratitude that can be used with family or friends on Thanksgiving Day (or any day) to build upon, or establish, a grounding and fertilization for kindness within your family system.
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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique for Anxiety

One of the Integrated Modalities we offer at Integrated Care Concepts is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. It utilizes the principles of energy therapy, acupressure and neuroplasticity to help modify and regulate emotions, thoughts and feelings. The tapping sends a calming message to the body, retrains the limbic system and reprograms the brain to interrupt the fight or flight response so the body can come into a deeper balance.
Following is video presentation on using EFT in working with anxiety.

The meridian points and script that I use in the video can be downloaded to accompany the video. They are below the video.













EFT Meridian Points as printable PDF

EFT Script for Anxiety as printable PDF


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Falling Into Awareness

As we prepare for the change in seasons and tend to our gardens, trees and flowers outside, are we tending to these same needs of change that our body, our mind, and our spirit may so be craving internally?

Often, we will make a to-do list of all the things that need to be cared for around our home, but consider offering a similar to-do list for your mental, physical and spiritual self in this same manner.
Following is a personal self-care to-do list as we move into Autumn.
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Depression, the #1 Illness Worldwide

Depression, the #1 Illness Worldwide.

Far surpassing all previous predictions, depression is now the #1 cause of illness and disability worldwide.
300 million people worldwide suffer from this condition…
…roughly 1 in 12 people.
World Health Day was April 7, and to honor it, we are highlighting the condition of depression and inviting those who may silently be suffering to know they are not alone.  Help, treatment and care is available.
If you are one of these people who may need to talk to someone about care for you, or someone you know, please contact our office to speak to our staff about how we can help.
Check out the infographic below for information on symptoms and treatment modalities, and please download, print and share with anyone who may benefit. It is printable in letter or legal format.  integrated depression infographic (2)

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Rose Essential Oil for Spiritual Support, Calming and Enhancing your Mood

Rose Essential Oil For Spiritual Support, Mood Enhancer, Calming & Overall Wellbeing

Authentic rose essential oil is not only very expensive, but in the authentic non-chemicalized form, is rare. But there is no other flower that is more representative of love, than the beloved Rose. I recently enjoyed a talk by David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia Essential Oils, which we sell in the boutique.  Here are some points from the presentation.

  • Roses support a spiritual practice of awakening and attunement, they are mood enhancing, calmative, euphoric, they work to help heal the mind of suffering and reestablish wellbeing
  • True Rose essential oil can only be harvested by hand without the use of chemicals and only during a particular time of day
  • 1 ounce of Rose essential oil has about 40,000 rose petals in it
  • Alternatives to true rose essential oil can be found in rose water, hydrosols, rose hip seeds and ayurvedic, organic rose petal jam

Within our boutique we offer Floracopeia’s Rose Petal Infused Perfume. It is pure Rose Petal absolute and 100% pure, organic Jojoba oil in a 1 dram size.

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Lifeforce Yoga Breathwork Audio Practice & Goal Worksheet

LifeForce Yoga® is designed to work with and manage the mood. The practices support students in self–regulation and many of the yoga techniques can be done in a chair, in bed, and do not require a yoga mat. Practices incorporate asana movement, pranayama (breathwork), mantra (sound/tone/words), bhavana (imagery), sankalpa (intention), mudra (hand gestures) and meditation.
This practice and recording, called Stair Step Breath, is a breathing practice integral to the Lifeforce Yoga teachings. It is both energizing and calming, and meets the states of both depression and anxiety. It also incorporates visual imagery and mantra.
Try out the breathwork practice at the beginning of your day, in the afternoon, and also at the end of the day.
By incorporating this brief 4 minute breathwork practice into your day you are beginning to decrease cortisol levels, calm the sympathetic nervous system, elevate your mood, balance the left & right brain functions and create a practice and exercise that is an active form of therapy that you can control and offer to yourself at any moment of the day.
Attached is a worksheet called weekly breathwork goals to help create a physical reminder of your breathing practice goals.
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