Aromatherapy is a modality that offers the body restoration and healing through the inviting nourishment of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from herbs, plants, flowers and trees, through various methods of extraction; these “oils” of the plant exist to protect the plant from disease and provide nourishment. When inhaled, essential oils send therapeutic type information (based on the essential oil type) directly to the brain, when applied, they offer cellular level healing to humans and animals. Essential oils are highly concentrated are almost never applied directly to the skin, but rather through a dilution within a carrier oil. The wholeness and beauty of essential oils is that the particular essence of the blends, or the individual oils, work with the body to reestablish balance in the mind, body and the soul. Our formulas are designed to work with our clients’ emotional, physical and spiritual needs and are meant to nurture the client on the pathway to achieving whole body healing. Our oils are also attuned with Reiki energy to further enhance and clear the pathways to healing.

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